Red Nova Solutions Broadband


If you value fast Internet speeds, a reliable connection and friendly, local support then Red Nova Broadband is exactly what you need. Whether you want to improve the speed, the reliability or the levels of support you receive from your existing provider we can help. We can provide Broadband solutions for your home and workplace.

Our Broadband packages are just as cost-effective as the big providers, but with a personal service that makes all the difference. Any issues are handled by our local engineers, giving you peace of mind that you won’t be pinged around the world just to get a question answered.

We offer you broadband, fibre connections and leased lines, all at very competitive prices. Contact us today to find out more…

Red Nova Broadband will give you:
• Guaranteed high speeds
• UK based technical support 24/7
• Fully managed upgrades to fibre broadband
• Easy transfer
• Local account manager for your connection
• Free installation
• A fast, reliable and competitive package
• Priority to VoIP/SIP traffic
• Suitable for home or work

Please note, some speeds may vary depending on your distance from the cabinet.

Unlimited FTTC 80/20


ex VAT p/m

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  • Contract Term - 12 Months
  • Download Speed - 80 Mbit/s
  • Upload Speed - 20 Mbit/st
  • Monthly Usage - Unlimited
  • Free Migration
  • Voice QoS Ready
  • FREE Static IPv4 and /64 IPv6 addresses
  • Free Installation

*Excludes Line Charges