Red Nova Solutions Voip


VoIP provides businesses of all sizes with so many benefits. Take a moment to understand how Red Nova VoIP could enhance your current business operation…

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is a technology that uses the Internet to make telephone calls. As well as many cost saving benefits, its functionality and flexibility can only improve your current telecommunications.

We can ensure clients retain their current business phone number for continuity or help start-ups or existing businesses select a number using an area code of their choosing.

VoIP features include:

- Voicemail and mailboxes

- Music on hold

- Pre-recorded announcements and call direction

- 3-way calling

- Hunt groups

- Call routes and call forwarding

- Call recordings

- Call monitoring

- And many other technical features that can improve your business communication and efficiency.

Red Nova VoIP is available with no contract and no set-up fees. Our friendly and helpful support team can talk you through the whole process, so why not call us today using your current limited telecommunications device and find out why so many companies are switching to VoIP?